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Time Splitters

My time seems to be locked today. I just don’t seem to have enough of it as always. The first thing I noticed was that I probably won’t make it into MSA as I had planned this morning. That’s ok, mainly because I finished everything that I felt NEEDED to get done last night. There are things on my list that I would LIKE to get done very soon, but they can wait.. for now…
I have two pieces of homework. Both for the same class. Both due at the same time today. Both haven’t been done. I am about to begin working on that, and based on the hour and half I have so deemed that I have, I should be able to get it all done.
I was looking at the day section of this site and I think I don’t update enough. I know I don’t update near as often as I used to.. but still… I enjoyed knowing everything I thought every day. It was a great feeling. I think maybe I should try to work the number of updates back up again… Maybe hit update 700 by the end of October (thats 47 posts away). I can remember when I average something like 60 posts a month.. That was crazy.
Today is monday, and assuming today works like last monday, I will hopefully get to go watch 7th Heaven/Everwood with Amber. Either at my house or hers. Who knows what this week will bring in those shows.
Well, I suppose I better get working. Love to my sweety. Love to my friends… Oh by the way: I agree with Ian (mostly)(See ISMS). I believe linux/unix/bsd are for the high end user. I believe that Mac OS is for the low end user. I believe that Windows is for your everyday user. Without the combo of the 3, computers would not be usable by everyone. Now, please don’t fire back at me saying that High End users use Macs… I know they do. This is just a general observation based on what the OS targets in it’s system structure. As for spanish… Yo no hablo.

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