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Ok, so somehow the topic in the ISMS has gotten from renaming JR Corps to the debate between OS’s. To answer Dan’s question, no, I am rather fond of Mac OS X, mainly because it is a step in the direction of allowing both high end and low end users to work with it, as is Linux *in reverse*. Windows just seems to like being stuck in the middle. As do I :-).
As for the browser thing… Well, that has to do with what my viewers read with most of the time, and has to do with my decision to only cross javascript 2 browsers at the time of coding. So blah. To change subjects…
Amber and I are doing great. She is so wonderful. Her smile just brings a smile to my face, which in turn just brings more of a smile to hers, and more of a smile to mine. It’s a great feeling. We watched 7th Heaven and Everwood almost exacltly like we did last week. We ate our cheesey popcorn. I did some math homework. And basically, we sat there on the couch, in love. Isn’t that sappy? 🙂 She says hi to everyone by the way.
I’m going to go now, it was fun updating. Ignore the title, it was in refrence to debates.

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