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Interesting thought… (posted to my site just now, but thought i would personally send it to you) The idea to not join an organization on the basis of not wanting to whole-heartedly support something might has an interesting idea in it. In joining an organization I never considered that I was going into it and submitting my mind to them. Nor did I consider that I was required to submit to what they think. I’ve always believed you can change any organization, all it takes is time, and willingness. You think a company is corrupt? Join the company and get rid of the corruptness. You think a group is making bad decisions, join them and try to fix those decisions. Others probably feel like you, and probably would want to join in what it is you believe. Then again, I’ve always been the one take what I want and to spit what I don’t want back at others. So, maybe my point is null and void.. Go figure.
Insane Posts Make for Insane People.

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