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Life’s Back on Track

In case you didn’t see it or the video didn’t work and you just got sound, you can click this to view it properly. I have a higher quality one but I don’t think I’ll upload that.
For those of you who are curious if my life could get any more complicated, you’ll all be happy to hear, that Justin has again found himself in God’s graces, and will not be forced to make drastic changes to his lifestyle. Amen to that.
Amber and I went out on a date date tonight. We went to a movie (School of Rock) which was pretty good, but maybe a little over the top at the beginning. It was fairly predictable. Note to self: MOA movie theatre arm rests do NOT go up.
We then went to the rainforest for dinner, where we watched fishys, flirt with monkeys, and experienced uncommon weather for this time of year. I always like eating there, but this was Amber’s first time, which made it even a little more (ok, so a lot more) enjoyable. We may now just have to set up the fishy tank tomorrow.
I’m off for the night, mozilla has some interesting bugs in it, but they’re all cool by me. Night all. Bye.

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