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Clean Car

Well round 1 of stuff I wanted to get done today is complete. That makes me happy. I finished cleaning out my car, sucking up all the dirt that I could get to, and then adding some hot soapy water and sucking that up as well. It’s pretty much smelling better, easier to live in, and well… clean. Hard to believe isn’t it… I even ran into a few nice memories from a few stains I ran into. For example, the side panel on one of my doors has been brown for about a year now. It was caused by a can of pop that exploded in the back one day. I blaim Nikki for the can of pop being there. It was funny because at first we didn’t know what had blown up. Either way, I removed that stain from my side panel, and it shall forever more just be residing in my memory.
Amber and I had a great time last night. I think I mentioned that yesterday, but you never can be sure about these things. We’re going to go clean her house I guess tonight, and perhaps her car as well. Maybe we’ll do movie night there in which case I’ll call a few people. I’d kinda like to do something with John tonight, seeing as I haven’t done something with him outside of giving him a ride home in like weeks… maybe months.
Let’s see… I think I will clean my room now… Maybe it will get a before and after shot… Oh BTW: I am about to commence what I will call the ‘no white’ theory for my room. With the exception of the ‘white space’ and the ceiling… I would like to get the art to the point where everything is colored… I don’t think with my current supply of art supplies I will be able to do this, but We’ll see what we can do. Don’t know when I’ll call everyone to come in and start drawing again, but maybe sometime soon.
Ok, well this post is done… Hey, I think before I post my 700th post, I am going to take ‘bets’ as to how long it will take me to get to 1000… So start doing the calculations and see if you can predict how I will want to update the next 300 posts.
Later all.

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