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Creatively Debating

I had a wonderful 7th Heaven Everwood night. Amber and I met at her house and were joined by Nikki, which kinda reminded me of old times when there would always be at least 3 of us for 7th Heaven/Everwood. It was good. We had steak and fish, both of which tasted delecious, and some veggies, which I never really eat, but tried to anyway. Before that, I took Ashley to dance, and we had a grand old time listening to music that Amber has heard about 100 times over. Lot’s o fun.
School was a drag. So I’m not going to talk about it.
I need an opinion. Is this journal a form of journalistic writing. Would you put it in the ranks of say photography, or a newspaper article? I ask only because Amber needs to submit works of journalism for a scholarship, and I thought her website would be a great thing to include in that, as well as all her photos taken in photography. Opinions wanted in the ISMS
I have so many ideas right now, but I will not mention them now.
Nikki, Amber and I love you, but not in that wrong kinda way. Your a great friend, and we’re there for you no matter what.
I think I will now go… So close to 900 Seti Units that I can taste it… Only a matter of time before I pass Sim and Dan… YAY!
Bye Bye Post.

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