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To the person who wanted to remain *private* in the ISMS and report the bug about not being able to post images… It’s now fixed as we can see by John‘s face. Yay.
I have a homework assignment due in 2 hours that I haven’t started yet. I need to get working on it but first, I need to finish this post.
I don’t know what’s up lately, but I don’t think I’ve been saying it enough here or anywhere maybe… There’s this girl that I’m dating. Her name is Amber. We have been together just under 5 months now. We have been through a lot. Everything from problems with math to problems with parents. We will continue to have problems. We will continue to work through them together. No relationship comes without them. I love her. I love her more every day. I can’t imagine how I would wake up tomorrow if something were to happen to her. I love Amber.
The bank is giving me this nightmare over an error my family thinks they made. We deposited 31 savings bonds for basically the total of my tuition… It came up short when it should have come up over. We checked the receits, and they showed 30 bonds cashed. 1 bond has magically gone poof. I went to the bank and they had of course already sent them away. But they did something that will let them know if they sent to many to the bank. So I should get the money assuming it was in the stack of ones I signed. My mom went off on me though for something having to do with the time frame. Like I can change how long it takes to see if a bond is in a stack… I don’t know. Hopefully it will end up like the monopoly games I keep playing lately: Bank Error in your Favor: collect 150 dollars. That’d be nice. Speaking of Monopoly, if anyone would like to play with me sometime, and they have the Westwood version of the game, please contact me, I would love to play with real people.
Westwood sucks by the way. So does Origin. Both companies have been bought out by EA. Both companies now have issues. Westwood’s is that they no longer support all of their games. IE: Monopoly can no longer be played, nor Sole Survivor. Why? because they no longer have westwood chat to meet up with people. Annoying huh? Origin’s has more to do with there policies with Ultima Online… Although for the most part I must say I’m pretty happy with some of the more recent changes to the game… But come on? A price hike?
I figure I just complained a lot in this post, with a brief interlude in happiness/sappyness :-). I think maybe I’ll say something good about the world right now. Let’s see… Um… Hmmm… Everwood had a great quote that I would like to post here, but I missed it. Luckily, it will be on again on Sunday. I’ll have to catch it then.
Plans for tonight: Head up to MSA and put some hours in. Head home and watch Frasier. Eat sometime. And talk to the honey. Peace out people.

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