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MLA Citation

What if, everytime you quoted something, you really did get a citation. For example, I am going to quote Dictionary.com now. And I will have sorted cited it in my own way, but in reality, I didn’t recieved a citation like I would have if I had said… broke the law.
ci·ta·tion ( P ) Pronunciation Key (s-tshn)
The act of citing.

A quoting of an authoritative source for substantiation.
A source so cited; a quotation.
Law. A reference to previous court decisions or authoritative writings.
Enumeration or mention, as of facts, especially:
An official commendation for meritorious action, especially in military service: a citation for bravery.
A formal statement of the accomplishments of one being honored with an academic degree.
An official summons, especially one calling for appearance in court

Fun huh? I’d give you an MLA citation but yeah.
My schedule for today is shall we say: packed. I have roughly 2.5 hours to finish a physics take-home test, as well as study for the group test I will have today. After that, I have lunch with Derek. After that I have physics. After that I have 2nd Lunch with Rich. If you read this before I see you Sim, we will probably have to do Noodles because I had Applebee’s yesterday. After that it’s put the finishing touches on my stats homework. After that it’s math. After that it’s stats. Full load today. Also need to prepare somewhat for tomorrows nightmare day as well. Morning I have a meeting at church. Two hours later I have a physics test. 2 hours later I have to pick up Alex and go to a meeting. Justin, don’t forget to call Alex after stats.
I need to pay my tuition before they get mad at me.
Time is of the essence. So I must depart now, hopefully an update coming this afternoon.

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