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20 minutes later

hey look people, Justin posts twice in an hour… No physics done whatsoever. Cool huh? Here’s why…
So I got bored this morning and decided to go read some blogs. The first one I tend to gravitate towards other than that which aren’t on my server is Nickd. He of course hasn’t updated, so I moved onto Dan’s site. Rarely do I read anything other than the first paragraph and the ToT, but for some reason I decided I would today. It ended up being one of the bests posts I’ve read in awhile. I like it when I can debate, and he’s given me the perfect chance to do so. (Really, it’s all because I want to increase the hit count between Dan’s site and mine. I figure shared traffic is a good thing because anyone who reads this post with a vested intrest will now go and read his, and then maybe read mine a second time… Crazy huh?)
So let’s begin:

I’m completely with ya Dan on finding the meaning of life. It’s a tough mission. The obsession with 42 that is now going around MSA, although caused by a wonderful book, has a little something to do with how Richard and I treated those books when we first read them. Yay for us right? There’s finding the meaning of life, reading a satrical novel based on principles of traveling with ones thumb. Go figure.

If you were targetting me on the hidden text issues *I don’t know who else uses it besides Amber and I*, here’s my rebuke. Hidden text serves 3 purposes for me. One: to drive people nutz who can’t figure out the password. It keeps them coming back if only to guess. Two: To serve as a form of communication between the people I know can read it and myself. There are some things the world just doesn’t need to know, and there are some things that when the world does know, without giving the world all the background information, can cause the world try to attack you. If random people knew only the hidden things on this site, there’s a chance that they would think three things *ooh a list within a list* 1) That I’ve a very sappy person with Amber. 2) That I’m not the most moral person at times, this comes from hiding my mistakes… 3) That I keep track of some of the weirdest things . That last one leads me into my third reason for why I believe in hidden text. The online journal for me was never about letting people into inners of my life. I would hate for them to get that from something as informal as a piece of writing written by a poor writer. The number one purpose was to keep track of what was going on in my life. For this reason, I have much respect for people who have locked diarys. It allows them to let out what they need to let out, and lets them keep track of excactly how they were feeling at any given moment in their life. I don’t think anyone that has a locked diary writes something pointless like “I HATE BLAH I HATE BLAH” over and over again. I bet they write why they hate blah, and why they are upset. The world doesn’t need to know this, maybe the person they hate does… but the world doesn’t… They just ask to many questions. So to state my views on why my site is the way it is. I see no reason I can express my views here and no reason why I can’t keep track of what I have for lunch in plain site, but I also see no reason why the world needs to be priveleged enough to hear about how I started fight with an inocent 4 year old and then got beat up by his mom. Ok so that didn’t really happen, but the world would look down on that, so why would I share it here? Why would I want anymore scorn ontop of the scorn I’ve already recieved from the people who witness said event? I wouldn’t… That’s just undue stress. So that’s why I have two methods of updating this site, hidden and unhidden such that I want to be able to write what I want and not have to worry about the world sending me hate mail (I get enough junk mail as it is). If you think you know me well enough to deserve the unlock code *you might already have it* and aren’t going to break any of my trusts that you won’t go sharing it with say my physics TA who is already strongly against American success, then email me and I will consider you for a username password. For example, if you know what happen 3 weeks ago, you probably deserve the unlock code. Ok, enough on that.

If you were targetting me with the Gorilla comment: You have matured that much. In the last few years I’ve seen your computer skills increase like 10 fold. I don’t feel bad about leaving MSA completely to you. I know you could handle it. I just refuse to leave because I love the place :-). Keep up all the good work. I keep rereading the comment though and can’t help but think that the english is off enough to make me think you were talking about Kevin or Ian or someone else being reduced. MSA has kinda always done that… Actually, schools have actually always done that to students. They think it’s some sort of motivation. The funny part is this: those who hate school in highschool tend to hate it in college as well. Keyword: tend. Take Kevin. He sounds like he didn’t really enjoy MSA, and now it sounds like he isn’t enjoying PSEO. PSEO is not a savior at all. If anything it will kill your social life because of travel. Sad but true truth. MSA doesn’t tell you that. And because I am kinda random right now, I’m going to role into my final point from there.

Life (for lack of a better cliche) is what you make it. If your not taking joy in your expansion of what some would call ‘classic’ knowledge, you won’t enjoy it. If your not taking joy in your relationships, they won’t be good relationships *or happy*. I know the tendency for most people is to complain because for some reason it’s what people think about more. It’s easier. That’s why to some degree I’m not trying to kill the world completely everday in my post(s). And just to rap it up, we will tie to to that other theory I have that says “you are in control of yourself.” Go figure.

Here’s hoping Dan rebukes everything I say so I can do this again and yet again increase hit count for no apparent reason. It’s not like I really check it anyway.
For all of those who are having problems lately. Instead of relatively scorning you, I will just give you a piece of advice that I am known for giving over and over again: “Everything in the end will work out alright.” Great way to end huh?

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