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If you didn’t read Dan’s site’s 2nd most recent post, and didn’t read my last post after it, and didn’t read Dan’s current post and response to my post, than perhaps you should do so because otherwise… You might be more confused then you already are.
Actually, I’m not going to long with this one. As much fun as it was throwing my comment out there and having a ‘journal based chat’ with Dan, at some point you need to realize we all need sleep. So instead of commenting directly on Dan’s post in this post, I will instead start an informal poll, yet again. It goes a little something like this, to vote you have to put what you want in your website. I will then count the votes and display who voted what where. Piece of advice: If you aren’t someone who’s site you’ve seen linked here before, then perhaps it’s time you sent me the link :-). The vote is this: Do I sell my full set of planeshift in order to get rid of it? Given: 1)I don’t really need the money, 2) I don’t really have time to play MTG anymore, and 3) I would never play with the set of planeshift because well.. It’s my set of planeshift, oh and 4) I’ve never used EBay. So that said, if you have an interest and would like to get linked too and perhaps even get a bid in before I decide to sell or not sell the cards, then in all worthwhileness. VOTE! Oh, one more comment, if you don’t have a site, or don’t really want to waste mentioning your vote on your site, feel free to ISMS it. I will still get it.
Um: Of topic, it feels good when you agree work needs to be done.
Tomorrow is yet another busy day, a busy day which includes a physics test. Let’s not think about it. Thank you and have a nice night all.
Insight into Justin’s mind: Paying your bills on time saves money.

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