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HAHAHA, an almost normal day for an almost normal guy. Woke up, made it to class ON TIME! YES, I love it when I get there on time.
Got a nice paper back, high b, always good. Played a few horrible games of pinball, I figure I had a lot on my mind because of something I did last night that I shouldn’t have.
This is why I am not a haxxor. I just can feel bad and live with it. Went to English and Csci where life continued as always. Hopped in my car, Low Rider BLARING, and took off to MSA to work.
Let me say this now: ARCIms is horrible software. It is overly dependant on other software for it to work. However, knowing me, I’ll spend 1/2 my time during spring break working on it.
I am thinking about buying Dark Legacy for GameCube. I got a pay check today so I am sure that is possible. Played scrabble today with my friends and won. That was rare. I figure it had to do with Derek being on my team.
Either that, or the fact that someone stopped the word Quilted from being played 1 turn before it was, on a trible word score (*70 some points*).
I then stood outside a bagel shop for some time admiring life. Got home, watched JAG… Not to much gained from that. Watched Blade Runner while playing Tetris.
The movie was pretty good, but I must say I enjoyed the Tetris game much more. I actually ended up setting a new record. See my days stats below, well its off to bed here shortly so
Night All!

Crossword Score Today: Dont know yet, wait till tommorow
Tetris Score Today: 6196 Lines (New Tetris, N64) *JJ New Highscore*
Scrabble Score Today: 108
Phone Calls On HOME Phone For Me Today: 2

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