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You know your in trouble when you get the cascade affect happening with life. What do I mean, let’s go with my current situation:

I get 2 homework assignments due the same day, I choose not to look at them till the night before they are due.

The night before they are due, I go to Amber’s to watch 7th Heaven Everwood

This delays it till at least 9.

I get 1 of the problems done. It’s now 10.

I talk to Amber on the phone, this delays me till basically morning. There were some other things in here as well as paying a bill and that kinda stuff, but for the most part… Delayed till morning.

Morning mission: finish first assignment due. Didn’t happen, came close but not quite… Next mission: finish math… not going to happen because I didn’t finish the other… This is cascading at it’s best… You do one thing, you can’t do another.

Not that I should be posting right now anyway… This just causes more cascade right? I’m with my pal in the ISMS. CSCI and MATH homework sucks.
Ok, and just to say one more thing and maybe push out a plug to Dan’s site. The reason I post rather than put it in say a notebook or paper journal is that I needed a playground for web design. This site has played host to two different design styles, some javascript, basic forum code, counter code, graphics code, database code, polling code, not to mention the search code included in one of the scripts I run for myself on this site from time to time… In other words, it’s my place to try new things.
This leads me into a comment for my lovely lady Amber… You should learn. Learning is good :-).
Well I gotta get back to math. Wish me luck.

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