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I dont know why the title of my post is gnv2003. No idea what so ever. So because I haven’t updated in awhile, let’s do so now.
We’ll start with my latest craze. Monopoly. I’ve always liked the game in general. It’s pretty cool trying to go around the board and capture all the property, making trades that can make or break you as well as encountering problems that couldn’t be forseen or running into luck like you’ve never known. I’ve taken up learning the art of tournament play on my computer so that maybe I can go to the monopoly tournaments next year. Speaking of which they are going on right now on a train across the United States. You can learn more about it here at Monopoly.com. For some reaosn though no one will play against me in real life.. Guess their isn’t any interest.
Monopoly has started up at McDonald’s as well. I’ve already made and spent 8 Best Buy dollars as well as aquired 2 of every 3 color set except light blue… Of course, the odds of me ever getting the third one in those sets are next to none… But its fun to try anyway… You can’t win if you don’t play, but the odds of you winning are the same whether you play or not… Go figure.
Speaking of Best Buy Bucks, picked up a whole lot of stuff there yesterday… Everything from USB 802.11B devices *pretty cool* to Matrix: Reloaded on DVD> Also picked up Amy’s B-Day presents but we won’t say what they are here for obvious reasons. Let’s see…
Also as you can guess have spent a good chunk of time with Amber this week. We had fun last night seeing Runaway Jury with her family. Very good movie in my mind. Slightly on the predictable side, but VERY good. John, you were asking me to tell you how I thought about it… Go see it, even if it’s not a matinee.
I think I might head up to that movie theatre that just opened in woodbury today, both to see what’s play and check out their information. I just want to understand the place… Maybe save a little money in my future movie visits… When it costs less than renting a movie, it’s worth looking into.
Just so I can continue my plugging phase: I’m with Dan… I shouldn’t update a string of updates and then just stop. But that’s how life goes and the purpose isn’t to entertain as so many people such as Amber have established in some of their most recent posts.
I wanna be creative today. I wanna work. I wanna make some money… Scarily enough, UO has worked its way back into my life. Now that they allow you to rent out vendors, I’ve taken the time to go and contact a few prime locations for selling stuff. It just so happens that every night I talk to Amber on the phone. Normally I lay there and do nothing, but I got to think that chopping wood in UO is a next to mindless activety. It’s more mindless than playing tetris for me. So I figure if I talk to Amber an hour every night, and I chop wood an hour every night, not only will I make GM Lumberjacking by the end of the month, but I will rack up roughly 60k+ boards, which tranlates to over 600,000k UO gold. If done properly, I should probably even be able to make more than that. Here’s to ingame business. And now with my Ebay account, I might actually start selling that profit for real money. I figure why not? No shipping and handling, just have to meet someone for 10 minutes in game.
If only I could get the minor bugs out of this one program. Then I would just have to sit here and watch it chop. Maybe I’ll work on that later. It would be pretty cool if it all works out.
I plan on going into MSA either today or tomorrow for a good amount of time as well, not to mention all the web work I want to do this weekend. I also have a lab report to write up and let’s see… Some math to get done, and I believe some statistics. Yep, that’s my plan.
None of it will happen.
Alex has fallen off my scopes the last few days. I know he’s been out and about with John and Math and Shayla and I guess Steve who is back in town for the weekend. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t hook up with that group more often than I do. That reminds me, one more thing to add to my list: stop by and see beth but pick up CD first. Then stop by and see John and borrow a cable :-).
Let’s see. Think I should learn to speak french? I see a cd here that supposidly can teach me. Perhaps I will… It might be fun. Ok, let’s continue.
Actually let’s not. I figure I’ve rambled enough for now. Hopefully more to come later. bye All.

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