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Avoiding Stats

This is how we avoid doing stats homework… Take my advice it works:

Have lunch over and over again with as many people as possible. First I had lunch with Amber, then I had lunch with Sim. To bad John was busy.

Play DDR – All those of you who worked so hard on your Playstations to become better than me may now have to actually go back and practice, because for the first time in his life, Justin can practice daily at home. That’s right, Step Mania has allowed me to bring DDR into my home. Yay for me right :-). No more paying at the arcade after spending probably hundreds… Now all I need is my metal pads so I can play with shoes on.

Update your blog – Great time filler and might even entertain others.

Goto Class – A not so great time filler but supposidly good for you.

Play Ultima Online and sell items on Ebay. My plan to pay for my account by selling the stuff I make on Ebay seems to be working quiet well based on the current big of my current auction. If it goes up anymore between now and tomorrow when it closes, I will be extremely impressed. I’m already so impressed that I opened Sim‘s former account for chopping purposes. Crazy huh :-)?

Check your Ebay Items? Don’t have any? Check mine :-).

Program your TI with Applications in C. Can’t? Why not? Oh, yeah, we don’t all have developer ID’s… Well you can still program, you just can’t download it to your calculator. So maybe program something else?

And lastly, you could actually just do your stats homework. Crazy idea huh? Who would want that… Hey, did you see that comic Sim posted in the ISMS? So true to life… Best way to make fish tanks in the world! *Coughs: of UO that is*.

That’s all for yet another listful post here at JJ’s Domain. Sorry Dan, I forgot to mention what I had for lunch because I knew you would want to know.. Tell you the truth, I think I forget to mention it a lot, so here goes:

5 Minutes Ago: Applebee’s *bummer, you’ll see why in a moment but Rich was fun*

This morning: McDonald’s

Last night for dinner: McDonald’s

Yesterday for lunch: McDonald’s

Tuesday for Dinner: McDonald’s

Tuesday for lunch: I don’t think I ate, but if I did you can bet it would be.

Monday for dinner: Tortetllini (sp error I believe)

Monday for lunch: Pretty sure I had McDonalds

Sunday for lunch: McDonalds

I’m beginning to see a pattern here… Ok, Monopoly rocks, we all know that.. But really I should think about stats sometime today. Bye.

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