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We Love You (OU OU OU)

So, as you can tell I haven’t update for a few days. This came from the fact that I wasn’t around the last few days. I know I didn’t mention that I was leaving town to just about anyone, but I had a reason. So Let’s start there and work our way both through the weekend, today, and what needs to happen here in the short term future.
Let’s start from Friday. So I woke up friday morning and as some of you may have heard, my first EBay auction closed. I met the person within like 10 minutes of the auction closing and proceeded to make the transfer of money and goods in Ultima. It went very smoothly, very well, and I must say I enjoyed the profit. While I was doing all of this, I was also doing some laundry and getting packed.
It turned out on last Wednesday that I would be able to go on the church retreat that had until then been locked up to almost all college students. As we found out later, some had slipped under the ropes, but yeah. I was cut until then but a person dropped out last minute so they picked me up last minute. We didn’t tell Amber because we wanted her decision to go to be her own. So we didn’t tell her. We all got in cars on Friday afternoon, Amber still not knowing I was with and began the journey North.
We stopped at McDonald’s along the way for dinner, and this is where Amber found out. She wasn’t quite as surprised as I would have expected her to be, but she was surprised non the less. So that was cool. We then continued our trip to the camp and our experience there.
I would like to write a lot about what we did there, but I fear it would take too much time and effort on my part. So I’ll just give you some key points that may allow me to remind myself why I want to go next year.

The people were great – I don’t think anyone was unfriendly on this trip, it was all very cool. Only one person said anything that made me upset and I think he ment it as a joke… I just didn’t want to hear it. So it was all good.

The speakers are fantastic – I always come back with a new perspective on things. The speaker even helped me personally to go outside my box and do something for someone at TGIF’s. That’s all I want to say about that, but it was interesting non the less.

Music is always good – The band, altough I don’t believe was as good as last year, was still good. It was great to sing with 400 other youth just shouting our hearts out to the Lord. Truly amazing.

Friendships always grow.

So that was the trip. Let’s just put one more thing in her to finish off our notes:
We love you lord
We love you
We love you (OU OU OU OU OU OU)
Onto other, less interesting, news. Ebay has become what some would call a bad habbit for me. We are about to see truly how bad a habbit it has become in about a minute. I have at this point completed 2 auctions. My third will be complete I believe tomorrow. This is a good thing. Now for the bad thing: I am about to complete my first buy on Ebay. It will spend almost all the money I’ve made on my first two auctions. At the time of my writing here, there are 7 minutes left in the auction, I’ll let you know if I won at the end of this post.
I haven’t been paying much attention to my bank accounts nor my income lately. This isn’t a good thing. I’m normally very attentive of it. So my expenses are starting to get out of hand and I am fearful to even open up my statement here online. Perhaps I should work more, play less. After all, if I could take the time and effort to sit down for a little while, I should make 500 dollars… Wouldn’t that be nice. Erg…
I just don’t know what I want to be doing right now. Amber seems to need me more than I seem to be able to give her right now. I never have what I need with me when I need it, and school seems to catch up to me… My balance is off in other words. I’ll figure it sooner or later though and let you know what I did to make it work. Maybe it just takes more rigid scheduling of my life. Who knows. Out of balance… that’s all I can say about it.. Out of balance.
Well as it turns out, God probably has blessed me in something that just happened. I was outbid on Ebay. What’s that mean? I didn’t lose 30 dollar’s. Nice isn’t it. I think my goal should be to get my Paypal account in the 1000’s of dollar… Like, make it my savings account in some ways. Money goes in, but doesn’t come out… Not a bad idea actually.
Amber’s birthday is this weekend. It sounds like it’s going to be a blast. If you haven’t got your invitation and want to come, you should see her website, it’s probably there. I don’t know what the exact plans are this weekend, and I’m a little concern that whatever they do become they will backfire… Only because I am running out of time more and more on everything in life that needs to be done. But it will be ok. If you have any spectacular ideas on what you think I should get her, email me or post in the ISMS. I probably won’t listen because I probably have something already… but we won’t get into that.
I’m now going to go to class because that’s what I’m supposed to do. Later all. -Justin

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