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So yeah, we have wednesday… I went to school, running a little late as always. Took a drive home and sat around chatting. At around 5, I took my sister and dropped her off at church. I then proceeded to a fast food place called Noodles and Company. This being my first time there, I will give you a review of what I thought. I ordered noodles and butter. Expecting something like I make at home, I was in for a surprise. The noodles and butter had this seasoning on top of it, along with melted cheese. It was in my mind, one of the fastest and best ways to get your pasta fix in a matter of minutes. They other meals looked good as well, but I haven’t had a chance to try them yet. I then proceed with the girl I was with at noodles to eat my noodles, and discuss the ever different worlds of two different highschools. Its amazing how in one highschool you have a high birth rate, fights, and rather large conflicts, and at the other highschool the issues are what grade did I get on this paper, who likes who, and when am I going to find time to study. Thats the difference between a public and a nerdy school for ya. After this wonderful insight into the world of what would be my highschools, I commenced in helping someone make a PowerPoint presentation. 2 slides were accomplished so at least some progress was made.

I now must go off on a tangent about girl behaviours. Why is it that some girls seem to naturally flirt with you. They say things like “I’m going to marry you someday” or “Your so cute”. In my head I see this as flirting. However, Over time I have come to learn that often when girls say these things they are joking and mean it in that “your a good friend” kind of way. This poses a problem when a girl actually means it. You have no way of knowing. I figure, if a girl actually wants to date me or something, they will have to ask me out themselves because I refuse to do their work for them when they make it so difficult to tell what they are thinking. Back to reality now.

After my work in PowerPoint, I enjoyed a long battle with Microsoft Word. Together, Word and I pumped out 2000 words for a History Paper that is due tommorow. That was hell, and kept me up well past the time my body said sleep… Why do they make us write 2000 word papers anyway! More on these subjects and more TOMORROW!

Crossword Score Today: Dont know yet, wait till tommorow

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