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Hallow Matrix Controversay

So I had started to write this post about 15 minutes ago, but I managed to crash the computer causing me to have to start over. I’ll try to start in roughly the same way. Seeing as I haven’t updated in 5 days, I figure I will do my best to give you both as much boring, entertaining, controversial, non-committal, contradictory history as I can between now and when I feel like not writing anymore. Sounds fun huh? Let’s begin.
Friday, as we all know, was Halloween. Some would consider this the most controversial of Holidays. Why? Because to some degree it’s based in satanic rituals of raising the dead, drinking blood, and slaughtering children. Fun huh? Christians, like myself, like to take this stance and blow it out of proportion and target those that go to far in celebrating this satanic holiday. Like for example, the penas family. *try to pronounce that last name, it ends up being funny* They have a house that is overly decorated in much the same way Christmas has become about the lights outside the house. They do this because Halloween is their favorite holiday. Although I’m glad this is the way they show it as opposed to killing lambs, I also believe they may have gone over the top in a creative way. Similar but very much unlike how I go over the top on some of my homeworkÂ’s.
So that leads me to my next lack of point. Saturday. Saturday was the day before Amber’s birthday in which I managed to achieve much anger and frustration. The morning started with yet another horrible trip to Best Buy which I will get back to hopefully later in this post, followed up by a Nebraska loss to Texas (which note: resulted in Nebraska falling out of the running for the national championship without some sort of miracle), followed by an afternoon of frustration in trying to get 2 DDR padÂ’s to work with Step-mania using two separate parallel ports.
All this was before the joyful part of the day known as AmberÂ’s birthday. We celebrated and talked and partied and ate and ran and acted crazy and laughed and ran and broke glass and talked about boys and watched a breakup and and and and and. Amber got rich during this period of time, which is always cool. She even took me out for lunch on Monday at DamonÂ’s. That was nice. I donÂ’t really know how much I like the idea of the girl paying for the guy, but itÂ’s not all bad. Maybe IÂ’m adapting to this next generation of multi-income families and co-dominance in the working world.
So to jump to our next section: AmberÂ’s actual birthday. Here we went to the casino and church and um lunch and Super Mario Bros. 3. As you can tell, I kept busy with her this weekend, doing everything I could to help her with her party and itÂ’s success. I was a tad bit disappointed that I didnÂ’t come out winning anything at the casinoÂ… To my surprise though, this was the first time I wasnÂ’t trying to. I also believe it could be in part due to the fact I didnÂ’t put anything in the offering basket that morning. Could beÂ… didnÂ’t say it had to be.
Vikings lost to the packers. That wasnÂ’t cool. I donÂ’t know why they had to go and blow the game. I think I was just supposed to have a great weekend with all sorts of disappointments associated with it, such that it would allow me to see that football teams winning games arenÂ’t necessarily what brings people happiness. ItÂ’s the love of friendÂ’s that manages to do that.
Yesterday was school.
There, thatÂ’s history for ya.
LetÂ’s continue with a little bit of controversy, starting with a letter I just sent into the Woodbury Bulletin. The question is will it be printed in the upcoming issue of the paper. If it were to be, that would be cool. It readÂ’s as follows:
Dear Editor,
I am writing to address a concern I have over a recent change in sales policy at Best Buy. My last 3 trips to our local Best Buy have been utterly ruined by what I know to be uneducated customers being falsely educated by Best Buy employees. The worst part is, they seem to be taking advantage of the customerÂ’s pocketbook in doing so.
In my most recent trip, I overheard a lady that had come in from her place of employment asking about purchasing a power strip that had both overload and surge protection. The Best Buy employee led her to the proper section, but then started recommending a different product. He suggested purchasing what is known as a UPS or uninterrupted power supply. He told her that this is what she wanted for overload protection. The lady hesitated because of the 50 dollar price jump from a normal power strip, but ended up taking the advice of the Best Buy employee. Luckily, I caught her before she checked out and cleared up that she did indeed only need a regular power strip so she could plug in a few extra tools like her pencil sharpener and electric stapler. Had the Best Buy employee asked what she was going to be using it for, she would have got what she really needed at the price that was suitable.
On a trip before that, a person had come in to purchase wireless networking equipment for his home. He had two computers and the employee recommended purchasing a faster version. The customer then proceeded to ask if he would see any performance gain in the games he was looking to play. The employee immediately responded with a metaphor that implied a yes and so the customer again thought it was the right purchase. Again I interjected and pointed out, that although the pipeline is bigger for data transfer; games are designed to operate in a bandwidth tunnel much smaller than that of home networking. Most are in fact designed to operate with bandwidths as low as 56k. This is why places like the University of Minnesota use the less expansive method of wireless networking than the more expansive one. They know that to really over use the connection, it would take roughly 10 computers downloading streaming videoÂ… Something you donÂ’t do on 2 computer home network. The Best Buy employee this time decided to step back into the conversation and argue with me about how I was wrong, which is something IÂ’ve never had happen before, an employee arguing with a customer.
I donÂ’t know if Best Buy has recently changed itÂ’s incentives to employees who sell more, or if they are pushing their employees to sell the more expensive products. All I know is that if it happens a third time, they will lose my business.

Justin Gehring
Webmaster Jrcorps.com

Now I donÂ’t know if it will get printed or if anyone else cares, but ItÂ’s my opinion and although I love the place, I will not stand to see it operating in a manor I deemed as inappropriate for something I normally recommend.
LetÂ’s see, what else can we talk about today. We could always give you the standing of my Ebay auctions or UO accounts or what not, but I fear I shanÂ’t do that yet. IÂ’m currently working on my thief to explore one of the newer dungeons known as Doom. Rumor has it they have some rares that have been going for a good chunk of cash. Fun huh?
Um, let’s see. Oh let’s talk about tomorrow shall we. I am again annoyed by the decision some places make about things. In this case, it is the decision by Warner Bros. to attempt to release the movie “The Matrix: Revolutions” at the same time world wide. This ticks me off because, like the second movie, I wanted to see it at the first available time at 12:01 am tomorrow morning. As it turns out now, I will have to wait yet another 8 whole hours to get to see it. Erg. Well it should be worth it. 8am tomorrow morning, The Matrix and I have a date with destiny.
My prediction: Neo wins, we are all living in a matrix, and the movie ends where the first movie began. Why is that my prediction? DonÂ’t know, just seemed like something that would make sense. Do I think IÂ’m right? Just partially. So why am I writing it? So that if youÂ’re bored you can all post your predictions in the ISMS. Sound fun? Good! Do it now!
Now letÂ’s get to the interesting part of the post. The part where I go and I respond to stuff. WouldnÂ’t that be fun? Responding huhÂ…
Amber – You should update.
Nikki – Your looking at harsh realities with utter hope lately. Very cool if you ask me. I would respond to your current post, and so therefore I think I will. The only thing I question is your comment on how we are telling others we don’t care regularly. I’d like to throw up the argument that 90% of the time it’s the person who is looking for the caring that interprets it as a sign of not caring. IE: a person calls a house expecting person to answer and they don’t so they leave a message. The person doesn’t return the call within an hour so they assume that it won’t be returned, when in fact, the person who the message was for never even heard it because a family member deleted it before he or she got to it. Again, just throwing up a perspective, and definitely not saying that this is the case 100% of the time… or is it… is someone caring a matter of how we interpret it, or is it something we choose to do? Or, to throw out one more perspective that might be kind of cool, is the ability to care given to us by God… Objective, Subjective, or Godjective…
Dan – In your more recently addressed letter that by default includes both me and yourself… I will say two things: You decide if you listen to what I have to say about what you should think, and You made a mistake in telling yourself not to tell you what to think, that is by virtue that you did a send all to the world and you are in fact part of the world. Go figure.
To the Man who runs tumbledry (Alex) – Glad you had a good time at the party. No controversy coming from here .
To the man that runs in a sphere (John) – Life growing up is interesting, that’s why we post. I think… Maybe not… The upside to being older: we can buy the candy.
To all the other blogs I failed to read before this post, I apologize, maybe you should all give yourselves cheap plugs in the ISMS and then maybe IÂ’ll plug you because you said something that made me interested in reading your site. Then again, you may just get me ticked off, which could do the same exact thing.
Oh, and to Ben, nice design.
Um, what am I forgettingÂ… LetÂ’s see. This post is 3 pages long. I donÂ’t think itÂ’s a record but it could be. Well, thatÂ’s it for the man that decided to stir up the world today. Guess whoÂ’s right? Not me.

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