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Found something to say

So as it turns out, just surfing other peoples sites has yet again brought me something to say. I’ve started to come to the conclusion that Dan is now on a mission to increase debate, for if he actually had a problem with people commenting on his comments, he wouldn’t be posting more controversial stuff. Very curious isn’t it?
So to reply to Dan’s neverending posts of interingality. I don’t believe the first site is a joke, nor do I believe that they don’t think the second site is a joke. The problem the first site seems to have with the second site is that it is making jokes about God. Ironically, each site is fuel for each other.
I really didn’t have anything else to say about it, but just thought I would point that out. I’m a little curious if Dan has a problem with outreach ministry though. Outreach ministry is what brings you everything from door to door people to the food shelf. I’m sure some people would deem some good, and some would deem some bad. I’d argue their all good except when exercised pourly. So it wastes your time to answer the door when it’s not something you want, but then again, it could be exactly what your looking for and is the one thing that gives you more time on this planet.
I really didn’t have more to say that that. I really didn’t have anything to say at all actually. Just suddenly had the urge to look at Dan’s site and comment on it. Perhaps, his hit count again will rise.

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