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I keep opening this thing again as if to take the time to update and then not doing it. This time though, I feel I will update because it just makes sense to update at 1 in the morning.
For those of you who are curious about my relationships, Amber and I have been having a few problems the last few weeks. We’re working through them, but as anyone that has been in a relationship knows, it can get tough. We’re trying to solve some issues that I have deemed a problem because I think they are interfering with where I want to go in life. Although that may sound selfish, it truly is a matter of my current priorities… Girl or Grades as I like to put it. On the whole I will always choose the girl when it counts, but when the Girl doesn’t need it 24/7, you gotta maintain balance. It’s that balance I hope to reachieve. Maybe I should refrence Alex, he must have been pretty good at it?
Maybe later I’ll write a perspective on people’s lives, their grades, in comparison with social lives. It would be an interesting paper, but requires the disclosure of grades and some people just wouldn’t want that.
Speaking of interesting things, Nikki said something tonight that made for interesting theory, and because this site is all about pointless, nonsensical ramblings; I thought this would be the perfect home for it.
Statement: Time is love
Proof: Love is something given, that can’t be returned. Hopefully with the idea that it’s a good thing. You love someone by caring for them (with your time), by talking to them (with your time), etc. To restate: to love someone requires time, and therefore, time is part of love, or because we only work with things on a whole. Time is love.
Statement: Time is money
To make money requires time, therefore, people are paying you for your time, therefore, time can be bought from people, Note: I am not saying you can buy back time.
Conjucture 1: Love is Money
Because it requires time to love someone, you must therefore be taking away from the time that could be used to make money, and therefore, love is money. This is of course assuming that Love and money are mutually exclusive items, for otherwise it is quiet possible for you Love making money. (*faulty logic, but who cares, we love it anyway*)
Conjucture 2: Money is Love
This comes from the idea, that you can buy time, and if you can buy time, you can buy love. This leads to our next statement:
Irrelevant Political Proof 1: Prositution should be legalized because you can buy love by our previous proof. In English, I believe they would call this non-sequitir logic, and therefore would state that it is false.. And to tell you the truth my readers: my English teachers would be right.
Irrelevant Political Proof 2: By Paying for more advertising, Mr. Bush will have more people love him. In truth, this might work. However, we never proved that advertising is love. Although I suppose you could say that because money buys advertising than, advertising buys love. But this would be a bad implication, and therefore, wouldn’t hold. In reality, it would be better if Mr. Bush just paid us all to vote for him.. Oh wait, maybe that’s what the tax cut was all about :-). *sorry if I am ragging on the president, I really kinda like the guy… He just happens to be in office and thereby an easy target*
How about enough of that.
I’m fairly happy with myself. I got 20 of the 30 points done for a physics take home problem due on Thursday. The other 10 I think are failing because either I’ve been looking at it too long, it’s 1 am, or option 3, Ultima was distracting me the first time I looked at it… Who knows.
Speaking of Ultima, I proudly hit 80 stealing today. I like being proud of myself *wink wink*. It makes me feel good. Is that a bad thing?
Agenda for tomorrow:
1) Godaddy Baby
2) Registration Baby
3) Physics Baby
4) Stats Baby
5) Computer Science Baby
6) Math Baby
7) Church baby
Sounds good. That’s all for the zany, no good posting of JJ at 1 in the morning.

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