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Paved Paradise

I wish I had a before picture and an after picture to give ya all. I’m sure I can find one like Amber is doing now, but I don’t feel like it. Needless to say, if you look out my North Window, instead of seeing a single house, open grass and corn, an old white house, and a rather serene picture, you now see about 300 houses scattered where the corn used to be. That single house and white shack have been torn down to make room for them, and there are the always lit streetlights and school lights that ruin what once was a wonderful view of the night sky.
Sometimes I wonder what gives Woodbury, or any city the right to expand and kick people out of their homes in the name of money and developement. Maybe it goes back to my rant that I had yesterday. Love is money, so perhaps Woodbury has discovered that they can buy the love of others to gain the love of others so they kinda get a 2 for 1 deal, except not, because they make others not love them. Oh well right? That’s just more bull by the way about love and money.
I screwed up getting an appointment to register. That’s ok though. I’ll live. My goal now is to just get a little back on track. Perhaps Dr. D will help me out and drop me a lifeline for registration. I wish he taught more classes.
I saw Yulia yesterday as well while Amber was shadowing me. Got to introduce them to each other. That was cool. Having Amber follow me around all day worked out fairly well actually. Hopefully the professor doesn’t mind Charles Darwin taking the exam. We’ll see how poorly she ended up doing later.
UO Vet reward system has managed to annoy me yet again. Hopefully it will be back up by tonight or tomorrow morning.
I’m considering offering two features to this site that I have never done before. A pay portion of the site where you can download funny embarrassing stuff. Why anyone would ever do that I don’t know, but it seems like it might be fun to have something that has the potential to make money, not to mention, it would give me something new to code. So whether or not you think I should have pay stuff on this site, I think I just might.
The other idea was a link exchange idea. More on that later if I go for it.
Other than that I think I will go for a little while.

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