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So yeah, handed in that big 2000 word paper. That was fun, not… Then it started to snow, and snow, and snow some more. So I left campus and headed to my place of employment, my highschool. There I was reminded it was Pi Day 3.14. They had these pi eating contest, a cream the teacher campaign, and free pie at lunch. Well worth my attendence. The kicker of course for the day was that I got a program called ARCIMS to run after my 10th attempt at getting it installed. After MSA, I had a 5 hour battle with another computer in an attempt to get a CD Burner to be recongized. I lost… The battle will therefore resume sometime next week. After that, I went home, had a nice business chat with what is turning out to be a very good friend, and then commenced to do my econ homework for tommorow. How fun!

Crossword Score Today: 12 thanks to John…

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