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Designing With Crayola

So last night, I somehow got my monthly urge to redesign the SMRC. I opened Paint Shop Pro. I played with the colors. Realized that I like the SMRC‘s colors. And then proceeded to use them to draw up a new design. I didn’t get all that far before I decided it was time to sleep. What’s that mean? Well it means I woke up this morning kinda ready to start working on it again. So that is what I did…
Then I made a mistake. I clicked a link on the SMRC, and then proceeded to click another link, and another. By the time I was done clicking, I had found two sites that I felt the the SMRC could never live up to due to time constraints. That was discouraging.
So I sit here now wondering why I wanted to redesign. Why I would like to see the SMRC in it’s full glory. Why I would even be concerned with it. Then it hits me.
The reason I update this site like I do is because it’s mine. I like it. I like how it keeps track of stuff for me. I like how I can go back and see what I was doing last year at Thanksgiving. I like seeing how I’ve grown. That’s cool. I don’t care about the hits. I don’t care about money. I just want to post and do it with my own little flair. I’m sure this is the same motivation for a lot of you.
So then, what’s REALLY stopping me from working on the SMRC. The truth is: I don’t play that much Nintendo anymore. Yeah, it’s the only item on my Christmas list. Yes, I still read my Nintendo powers. But no… I don’t play. I own like 12 Gamecube Games, of which, none have I taken the time to get anywhere close to beating. And some of them would be really fun to sit down and play the day through. Take for example Metroid Prime… Great game from what I’ve played, but I’ve never gotten past _____. Same with Zelda… Great game from what I’ve played but have never gotten past _____. The only game(s) I seem to be able to pay any attention to are Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, probably cause I can carry it with me, and Ultima Online, probably because it’s a way to make money at this point.
So then, what have I resolved to do. Do I continue the SMRC update or go take a nap or play Gameboy. I could also work on John‘s site, go into school, go babysit with Amber, take over the world, clean my room, take a shower, make DVD’s, sleep, sleep, call people, go see a movie, go do something else, redesign this site, redesign another site, move a site, blah blah, etc. You get the idea.
Truth is, I will probably contine with the SMRC redesign, but it will probably never see the light of the cyber-world. Why? Because I’ll never have time to populate it with content. Why will I still do it? Because it’s my way of learning to become CSS2 compliant. The later does have a benefit to me.
So, why am I not working on it now? Probably because I wanna talk about something else at this point in this post.
Now, let’s talk about a dream I had last night. It was rather weird.
I started off at Ambers. I didn’t right down why, or what I did there, so I have kind of forgot. I think I was just with her, hanging with her parents. I then left and drove around. I kind of got lost and ended up on whatever the name of the road that is after county road J on 35. I know this was the road because Ember’s and the gas station were there. I ended up getting out of my car and walking into a building full of chickens. The chickens were not supposed to be out and about like they were, so I was trying to hurry to get out of there before someone caught me. I ended up walking through a door on the opposite side and went into this toy shop.
Now my first issue was that some of the chickens had gotten into the toy shop, but I didn’t want to touch the chickens, so I just let them run around. I then looked around myself. I started to feel like I had to get out of here too, at which point, I felt another person’s presence in the room. It started off as just an old person presence. kind, sweety, loving. Within a minute or so though I realized it was my Grandma Kathy.
We started talking, and another presence entered the room. I didn’t know who this was. But something strange then happened. The place I was in, transitioned slowly *(such that I didn’t notice)*. Soon I realized I was in a tower in UO with Heather (a player in the game) and a GM. They started talking about how the game had changed. I then mentioned that my account was bugged and so the GM dissappeared, told me that my graph was out of date and that I needed to log out and log back in. I did so, and not only was I fixed, but the artwork for things like boxes had changed. That was the last thing I remember before I woke up.
Rather a curious dream. One of which I would remember none of if it hadn’t been for the piece of paper next to me when I woke up. I thought it was entertaining enough to me that I would share it with you in this post.
Next topic.
My plan as of right now is to order 1 metal DDR pad today. I’m not completely sure why anymore either. I think I want to play, and yet, I don’t think I want to play. It’s kind of like the SMRC. Maybe I should get another pentium 4 HT processor to complete my other computer. Nah… Metal DDR pad right? And a coin reader? So I can make my own Arcade box? Maybe…
Needless to say. It will be cool if I get it, ok if I don’t. We’ll see.
Well back to my mondain life. Maybe I’ll use two computers at once today.