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Do Better

It’s been a rough afternoon, but just to let everyone who cares, and even those who don’t, know, I’m doing better.
With reguards to the phone bill that was excessive for any house, it has been taken care of and we do not owe any large amount of cash to said phone company. This is to their own credit, otherwise I would have slandered them to no end (not that they care). So that’s good news.
Amber and I are having one of our rough moments. That’s ok too though. From time to time some things need to get ironed out so that things can go the distance. I know I’m being overly generaly, but that’s because I believe to some degree, when it comes to my relationships, I should keep a low profile. I don’t want to target people here and then have to deal with it later, or defend myself from the masses for something stupidly written.
I watched a show for the first time tonight. Something called Degrassi. It’s supposed to be some kind of show similiar in nature to Boy Meets world, but with a wider range of characters and more real to life scenarios. I don’t know if I agree with either of them, but the show somehow managed to make me sick. To much stupid real life than I care to handle at once. I think I’m going to escape now and do something I don’t normally do… I just don’t know what that is yet.
Night posters.

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