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Ok, so today was almost an ordinary Friday… John and I ran over to St. Paul and played pinball. We then went to subway for lunch and do the crossword.
John then went to his class, as did I, only to discover it had been canceled for spring break. So I sat around for an hour or two waiting for a bus ride home.
Saw Rachel and John on the bus and we got back to working on the crossword. When I got home, I purchased Gauntlet: Dark Legacy for the GC, good game. John, Rich, and Rich’s Cousin Mike came over and we played it till 4:00am.
I must say that was a good amount of fun right there for a friday night, wether or not it was just sitting in front of a tv chopping monsters into large piles of gold.

Crossword Score Today: Stupid DAILY messed up again, wont know till….

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