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Overall Good

So this weekend, despite some of it’s more interesting moments, has been rather good. Let’s just sum up today.
Woke up this morning feeling insanely relaxed. I added a blanket to my bed on friday night, and I must say, now when I wake up in the morning, I’m at just the right temp. It’s warm, cofortable… It makes me wonder why I ever get out of bed. But I did manage to get out this morning and make it to church half asleep (or is it half awake).
Church was ok. New sermon series on something. I forgot what it was already, I wanna say walking the path, but I’m probably wrong. It’s Christmas season, so I’m sure that most of them will be tied in some way. I hope Christmas isn’t something that brings us all down, but lifts us all up as we celebrate the birth of our Christ. You can give me all this information telling me that Christmas is based in a pagan holiday that Christianity merged with and such, and that’s probably true.. But what it represents today is what matters. There’s my speal on that. Love, Family, Happiness… Not Gifts, Full-Contact shopping, and advertisements.
Spent the afternoon with Amber at the Roseville Center or whatever they call it. It’s a mall. That’s all that matters. I hadn’t been there since awhile ago. Probably sometime with Beth or Nikki or something to DDR. It’s not a bad mall and we had a good time wandering and looking at stuff. Amber got a jacket and I got stuff with food at Ruby Tuesday’s. That was a good meal.
We then went home and here I am. Sitting here updating… I need to work on Physics and Math now, so I’ll let you all go. Odds of me actually getting to the math: Slim. Annoying fact: PK has my calculator…. ERG right?
I do wonder if Nikki is doing ok. I set her up last night for interesting things. She left a reply on my computer that implied one of two things… Neither of which am I doubting at this point :-). She wasn’t at church again this weekend, which of course just makes me wonder as well.
Ok, well I’m going to go now, this time for real. Bye Bye post… MOO.

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