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White Flag

Not to much new since I last updated. Actually tried to get to physics lecture today, but still didn’t manage it. I really wish I would do better than I am in the class… But… At least I’m still beating the averages (I hope). Only 2 weeks then finals. Lots of homework in those two weeks… but still.. Only two more weeks and then it’s kinda break.
I say kinda break because I know I have a lot of work to do during that period. Talk about coding every day.
I got my oil changed today as well. It costed me 15 more dollars then I planned on paying because of my comfortability, but I’ll live. It took a little while to get done, which makes me wonder why they call it ‘Instant Oil Change’. I’m also never sure whether or not to trust the mechanic to fix something that isn’t broken… Oh well right?
This was playing on the radio on the way here. I think I might have quoted it before, but I felt like posting it again:
Well I will go down with this ship
And I won’t put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door
I’m in love and always will be
If I can get my CSS issues worked out with the redesign of the SMRC, then hopefully a redesign will come both here and at Ambers. I wonder about that though… I realize that there is HTML code in every one of my posts that would make every page unstandard. Perhaps I can go through and fix that… Perhaps not… That is like 700 posts afterall (almost).
I also wanted to welcome everyone to December. This is probably my most favorite of months because of the days off of school, the traveling, the festivities, and the smell in the air. It’s just great.
Um. Other than that. I just don’t know. Let’s see. I think I will go now.
Oh I did have one more thing to say. If QWEST doesn’t have my phone lines back up by the time I’m home.. I will be upset. Neither one of my lines were working when I woke up this morning, and neither one was working when I left. Fix it!
Ok, I’ll go back to school work now.

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