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Fluid Time

I dislike how when I sit down to this machine after being tired and start doing homework, that I actually gain energy and the motivation to finish. I haven’t finished my CSCI yet, and I’m not tired yet, but I did tell myself that when it hit 1am, I would stop and go to bed and do the rest in the morning.. Along with the math of course. Fun fun I tell myself.. Right?
I’m still a little upset that I don’t have my 89 to work with. At least I have the simulator provided by TI to get me through. If you ever need a good simulated calculator for your computer, TI gives them away for free basically. I’m not sure they realize they are giving away the functionality of the 89 for free, but they are. Just download the Flash Studio program and run what is known as the simulator. Ignore all the extra programming junk and you got yourself your own TI-89 built right into your computer. Not as portable, but eh it works.
Updates have been regular here at this site. That makes me happy. It seems to cause Amber to update more, and for some reason, she always updates right around when I do. I doubt she will this time because she should be sleeping, but needless to say, I find it interestings.
I was going to post a comment about something here… Um.. It wasn’t CSS, really. Hmmm.. Oh… Try doing a search on the letters Jr on some search engine. Odds are you get something about Nick Jr., Dale Earnhardt Jr., Martin Luther King Jr., or some other Japanese company. This just goes to show you that in my mission for JR Corp to take over the world… I still have a long ways to go. I blaim Google for personally holding me back :-).
Other news: We need more snow, I can see my grass again. I don’t like that. Let’s all chant together before I go to bed… “More snow, More snow, More snow”. You first.

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