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Getting Upset

So I screwed up my GPA last semester. It fell below what I’m capable of. Why? I don’t really know. I wasn’t dating Amber at the time so that’s not it. Erg is all I have to say. The problem with this is not going to be made entirely apparent, but it needs to be stated to understand the frustration.
So money is tied to these grades. Which is where my parents of course step in.
But, let’s not let that get me overly frustrated… I just need to do better. I always just need to do better. In some ways, I need to make some rearrangements with my timing. Maybe Amber and I can’t see each other every day. Maybe something else needs to happen like move out or something like that. Maybe I just need to accept the grades and realize that that’s what I got. Well… Hmmm.
Let’s not care.
I’m doing better now. It took me 2 hours to write this post, so ignore everything before. My mood line will be lower than normal, but it’s still pretty good.
I’m going to go now before I say something stupid. Later.

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