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The 1:18 Miracle

So after many hours of toiling to figure out what the heck was preventing me from doing what I wanted to do with the SMRC: I figured it out.
For those of you who want to see what I’m talking about, it at this point in time can be found Here. It’s a fully compliant, expansive, working version of the layout implementation I was going for. No tables. Only 1 small hack involving the background of the content layer, which can only be seen 50% of the time, again minor and can be removed if used with a solid color. Thereby: Mission Objective Completed.
So Alex is probably like, show me show me. Let me just give you the synopsis of what’s different. Used float instead of absolute positioning. I probably have some extra junk in my CSS but at this point, it isn’t hurting anyone *mainly to do with positioning*. The trick to making sure the background expands to either the size of the navigation or the size of the content is to add a dummy div at the bottom. I won’t say I came up with this idea, but it explained to me why all the sites with footers worked. And bingo. We have the layout we wanted.
On another note for those of you who care: CSS-3 is the standard we now want. Columns are built in and thereby supported. However, is anyone using a CSS-3 compliant browser? I didn’t think so… Bet’s are Microsoft includes it in IE7, with half implementation. At which point, they will also start implementing float properly as well. Eh, who cares. It works now, it should work then.. Right? Doesn’t matter.. Just have the change the CSS then, not the content. WOOT.
I think it’s late enough for me now. I should go to bed.. Props to me for not only updating twice this morning already, but also for figuring this blasted CSS problem out. WOOT!