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Maintaining 1am Updates

So I didn’t get to doing anything on my list for tonight. That’s ok, the talks I had instead, including those at dinner, church, and home, were all worth it. Tomorrow is one of those days where I just won’t be able to slack… Remember that Justin.. No slacking.
No word on the DDR pad yet, or the box that hooks up to it.
Registered for the U of M lottery. Maybe get a parking spot for next semester… That is.. If I need it… I might bus you know. If I bussed, I would use a tank of gas every 2-3 weeks as opposed to once a week… Saving me 25 dollars a week… That’s a good chunk of cash. Not to mention the 15 dollars in parking… almost 50 dollars a week to drive to and from the u. The cost of 1 bus pass: 50 dollars. Scary isn’t it?
I think it’s time to sleep now. Night all.