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A long week has come to yet another end. I seem to have people angry at me, for reasons probably pertaining to this website. Got a new Server today. It has now become my favorite toy.
Some friends tried to tell me that I wasn’t Batman. I think they may be on to something. I might not be Batman, in which case, we have solved the problem of why there is no music. But if the
music suddenly starts… Well then I must be Batman. Fast and the Furious rocks as always. You know what they say about hot chicks and fast cars. Im thinking about publishing an interesting Christmas story, that will happen if I can find my
backups for it. The week has been an overall success and I hope the next week is just as good.

The New Server:
Dual 1 Gigahertz Pentium 3s
1 Gigabyte of RAM
72.6 Gigabytes Hard Disk Space, 10,000 RPM, Hot Swap
Dual NIC

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