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Good Morning

I managed to miss my 1am post this morning. Sorry for all of those who wanted to read it. Well, it’s that time again. 700 posts have been reached here at JJ’s domain. 700 for the most part, somewhat quality, posts. What’s that mean? It’s statistic’s time again:

Posts: 700

Size of Data: 1,661 Kb

Average Row Lenth: 2,380 characters (476 words)

Average Row Size: 3,817 Bytes

Based on file size of document there are: 1700864 letters.

Based on an Average word lenth of 5(with space) there are: 340172.8 words.

Based on size 12 times in MS Word, single spaced, without formatting, that would be: About 530 pages. With formatting, that could easily double.

Because there is no easy way to measure this because of the Gap between April 2001 and July 2001, We’ll estimate my average posts per day to be about: 0.99290780141843971631205673758865 (thats 700/705 (2 years-25).

Size of Index: 1,000Kb

Total size of site: 20megs (~17 in files, 2.5 in database).

Number of Stories: 13

Number of Images: 146

Number of ISMS Posts: 100

Number of People who have seen this site through my profile (when it was my profile): 1,044

Number of People who have seen this site according to Netstat: 8549

Amount of money donated: 1.11

Rank on google when search “JJ’s Domain”: 1 (realize I’m beating out the person that owns the domain jjsdomain.com).

Number of people Google Shows as linking to me: 2

I think that’s enough stats for now. Mainly because I’m going to have to go take a shower here in a moment to prep for a physics test I have at noon. Best get going.
Let me first tell you about the math midterm yesterday. It wasn’t pretty. There were 14 questions, which doesn’t mean much except, there were 14 questions on the homework as well and that took me 3 hours. I finished 13 of them with an answer that was… resonable. I didn’t finish 1 of them. The kid to my left lost 50 points no matter what because he didn’t even get to those questions. The kid to my right finished with 30 seconds remaining, but we haven’t seen his score yet. Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty.
Other than that, I surrived yesterday. Hopefully this physics tests goes well. It needs to go well. Really.
I don’t have a clue what will be going on this weekend. I was hoping my packages would have got here by now, but 1 is in shipping and the other is… well… no one knows.
Well, off to get my day started.