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It’s all about the numbers

So Amber was trying to get me to guess what I was getting for Christmas last night, and then I wouldn’t let her guess what I’m getting her (at least that’s the way I remember it…) And I know the spirit of christmas is to be surprised by what they get for Christmas, but I feel, that part of the fun should at least being able to ‘fairly’ guess what one is getting. Especially when you don’t get a chance to look at them under the tree before you get them. So… As you can see I added a guess the present system. If too many people guess their presents to fast, well.. I’ll take it back down.. But I figure it’s fair that you get a total of 5 guesses… So if I were you, I’d use them wisely.. One try people.. One try.
Physics test was ok. Nothing special, but not sure how I did… I either did well or I did poorly. The first problem sucked. The second problem I think I got right at the end, and the third problem was easy. Yay.
Ok, that, and my calculator needs an education on the definition of a Joule.
I was going to post some more numbers here with this post, not with my site this time, but with other things. Perhaps I won’t though and I’ll save that for another post where I’m worried about content. I think instead, I’m going to try to be productive. I don’t know what’s going on tonight, but I’m sure I will by 7:30.
Other than that.. I want my pads!

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