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Trivia Pursuit

What goes boom boom boom boom boom boom boom thump in the middle of the night? Hint: It’s alive. Answer: Justin when he falls down the steps. That hurt… I think I burned my arm.
Tonight was spent mostly playing Trivial Pursuit. Maria didn’t think we’d have fun, but after our brownies (perhaps laced) she seemed to get into it. Amber and Nikki both seemed like they had a good time, and of course John is convinced this is a game only for smart people. Then again.. It did take us like 6 hours to play.
I think tomorrow I’m going to sleep and clean. That sounds fun.
Well that’s it for this post: oh and by the way: if you every play 20th Centuary Trivial Pursuit and don’t know an answer: it’s either France, The Vagina Monologues, or that name you said 5 minutes earlier but seconded guess your yourself.
Ok, that’s it for this post… Off to bed.

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