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Most of this post is hidden due to time sensitive information. Knowing it before you should or at all could be harmful to your health. Plus, I just wanted to make sure that from time to time, I was still hiding things.. Here goes. (It leave’s mystery in the site).

Went to dinner at Chili’s for the first time in my lift. I was actually really impressed. I liked the unlimited chips. I liked the pasta. Now if only I knew if I liked the burger I would be set. The only problem is the place is in Mapplewood so… Can’t go there as often as one might like without wasting more gas than I’m normally willing to waste.
I don’t know if I will go to church tomorrow… Although I do need a cable from the youth room… I’m sure I’ll go… I just haven’t wanted to lately… Then again.. Lately, I almost feel angry.. Like I have this rage building up. Erg is what I have to say to that.
Um… Anything else… Don’t know…. There are a good number of things I wish to do tomorrow… Hopefully I’ll get to them. I should spend some time at Amber’s as well. Maybe pack up the computer and head over there. Don’t really know. I love her though.
On one more note… I started going through my pile of CD’s that are unsorted to see what they are and where they belonged. I ended up installing Age of Empires and Rise of Rome (I found the Rise of Rome cd). I forgot how much I used to play that game with Sim and friends. Maybe me and him will have to test out our modems… Then again, I bet he doesn’t even have one in his new computer. Maybe it’s time to lan… but then again, we would need a few more people to make that worth while… 6 would be a blast.. 6 people playing Age of Empires… If you have motive and want to move your computer for a day to play (monitor and all) let me know and maybe I can work something out.
Other than that.. This is JJ Doughboy, signing off.

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