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Physically Updating Panda’s

So I don’t know why I’m updating from Amber’s. I think it has to do with this update once every 6 hours fad I am on. Maybe if I keep it up I will get down to once every 3 hours and then you’ll all be checking the site way too often.
Blah de Blah
I finished my physics lab report and hopefully will soon finish my physics take home quiz as well as help Amber with a paper. Hopefully I can teach her how to use a book I brought over as well. I won’t mention it’s name because if I do, people might kill me.
Ok, other than that… I’m about ready for next week. This is the last week people. Last week for good grades. Last week to show what we are made of. Last week before finals. Last week to hope that we can succeed. Last week to pray. Last week to fail.
Ok, that’s it from here. Off I go… Oh don’t worry about the title.. Other than the physics stuff… Amber named the rest.

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