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Just Another Update

So in case you missed the wonderful picture in the last update, you should go look at it. It’s pretty good, and shall we say, pretty worthwhile.
Ok, so. I have a physics take home problem due in 6 hours. Plenty of time to get it done. I’m going to head to the U here in a minute to do just that. Hopefully it’s not harder than it looks and I can aquire the knowledge to do it in a matter of minutes. That would be the goal.
The last CSCI assignment has been posted. I best be doing that tonight at some point as well. Who knows… Maybe for the last week this month, I will get all my homework done ahead of schedule. That would be cool.
SMRC work has stalled, but I’ll pick it back up here shortly… Probably sometime during finals week. What (some) people don’t realize is that this is also the backbone for HRAH, PIM, and quite possibly the redesign of this site.
OK, so. That’s that. I’m off now, everyone have a great day, and I’ll talk to ya’ll later.

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