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A New DDR Plan

So… as we all already know, I’ve order a metal pad and can’t wait for it to get here. I’m telling you this so in case you didn’t the rest will follow.
So my original plan is to build a semi-fake DDR arcade machine. The idea was that if I brought it someplace, IE: church, that we could use it as a fundraiser of sorts. At 50cents for 5 minutes of gameplay, thats about 6 dollars an hour as long as one player is playing. Realizing this, it has the potential to be a good fundraiser.
So to follow that, I started asking myself another question. What about the songs that I don’t want people to play in a church like enviroment. They would of course have to be temporarily removed. Those song would of course be the ones that encourage sex, violence, that kinda thing. When you think about it, I don’t even know why I have those songs… They generally aren’t the ones I like to play.
Well, that got me really thinking. I thought… Justin, there really should be Christian DDR songs. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice if we could play to Grits, or John Reuban, or maybe even the Newsboys or Joel Hanson? Wouldn’t that be cool? So I figured out how to use the StepMania editor and started doing calculations and beat matching on Grits – Here We Go. I set the editor to basic mode and started plugging away. I have declared my first basic DDR song complete. Stats from my first time playing had me with 1 miss and 5 goods, all of which I think were due to timing issues that I didn’t quite have worked out.
So what does this mean: It means Justin will have Christian DDR songs that no one else has (at least not yet). Does that make him cool or what :-). Next thing you know, there will be a christian mix 1 or something like that and other people will be mixing down those favorite hits you remember from Sonshine. Oh wouldn’t that be nice. As soon as I finish the steps for Standard, Heavy, Beginner, and Challenge (as well as perhaps solo and double modes), I might just release it here on the site. That would be cool.
What else is new at 1:48AM? I don’t know. I’m overly awake. I suppose I could code, but I know I need to get to bed. It is afterall late and I do have school sometime tomorrow. One thing that includes a quiz as well. A quiz would not be something to look forward too. Must study for that beast… Really I must.
I hope the stress of Christmas isn’t getting to you guys too much, and I’ll talk to ya’ll later.

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