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Just another brief update

My last post may have seemed a bit awkward. If it did, I’m sorry. Let’s just move on, shall we?
I would like to start by saying that my CSCI quiz went wonderfully. No spectacular. Literally, like 5 minutes before the quiz, did the stuff finally click. The kid sitting next to me had been having the same issue I was, but we didn’t get to talk before the test… So when the test was done, he knew he got both wrong.. When the test was done for me, I was sure I got both right. People around me seemed to want to agree with my answers as well. That’s always a good sign.
My Math Lecture is now officially done for the year as well. That’s good.
Church was good. Tonights topic was on Homosexuality. I would get into the details of what we talked about, but I don’t really want to. To make the long story short… As most of us would probably agree, it’s wrong. However, that’s doesn’t mean you judge, or condemn those who are. You love them. You care for them. And if you can… You help them. Kindly. I would get more into this, but I’m not looking to start a debate… Just know, I’m standing on the bible, not maybe what’s easiests.
Ended up going to Damon’s afterwards. That was fun. Paige joined the normal crew, which made it more interesting. Yep yep.
And now, I’m home and about to crawl into bed before another quite possibly long day tomorrow. Gotta make a run for the border at 1100am.. Which means I must first be awake. Now there could be a challenge. Later all.