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If Life were simple

So the site remains closed for a little while longer. I’m trying to get a whole bunch of other projects done so I can reopen this site with a little bit of a bang. Things including MSA, websites for two or 3 things, and just some family stuff. I need to find a tape.
I’m not really posting. So don’t think this is a post or that they will be at all regular until the site reopens.
We had our first poker night tonight and it was a success. No one but Jerimiah lost any amount of money worth noting, and he only lost like 5 bucks. Nothing to big for what.. 5 hours + of fun. I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as I did for like months. That was great. It’s really too bad Nikki had to miss it. I haven’t seen her now since before Christmas and everytime I talk to her she sounds worse. I hope I’m not harming her, and I hope that she will ultimately be ok. Maybe after reading her posts, it’s time to step back, and just as she said, be a friend. No advice just listen. I used to be able to do that pretty well I thought 🙂 (maybe not).
Amber and I went to Bonfire tonight for the second time in our lives. Good food. That’s really all I wanted to say. Just a non update.

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