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Site Still Down

So the site is still down for at least another week. This is just yet another status update, and a little thriller to keep you interested. My check-list slowly dwindles its way down to nothing, as it of course should.

About a week ago we had a debate at Bonfire about the word relaxed. I felt like posting the email here that I hope concludes the discussion:

So as it turns out… We may both be right.

My argument restated:

“To become relaxed, you must have been relaxing, and thereby: given a good nights sleep (not nightmares and such) which causes you to wake up relaxed, must mean sleep is relaxing”

So where we are having a hiccup is the word relaxed….

As it turns out, there are two forms of the word:
One being a verb (in which case, it’s past tense)
One being an adjective (in which case, it’s a state of being)

So in the sense of the verb, we look at it like this:
According to dictionary.com: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=relaxed
To relax (v) means to “To take one’s ease, rest” which draws very close to sleeping (if not on the button). Meaning, to have relaxed would then mean, “to have taken one’s ease, to have rested”

However, you could technically bypass this in theory if you use the adjective and assume that it means “free from strain or tension”. In which case, (this case I didn’t see), that can technically be achieved by without relaxing.

So the statement that you must have been relaxing to be relaxed is not true.

However, getting back to our bigger topic: Sleep is relaxing… By definition of relax (again according to dictionary.com) “To relax: To take one’s ease; rest.” And by synonym: rest: sleep according to: http://thesaurus.reference.com/search?q=rest

Therefore: sleep is relaxing. (given that it’s not stressful (for logical reasons)).

So my hiccup comes with the adjective, but the final argument holds that sleep is indeed relaxing according to dictionary.com.

I think we should head up there tomorrow night after church again and print it out and show the waitress if she’s there again… And so I can find out if she really wanted to tear my head off. I’m wondering if the reason I didn’t see it was because I assumed it to be part of her personality. She was giving us a really hard time before we got there about our meal and what we were ordering and such. (Basically she thought we were crazy).

That and one other thing: website… Notes, comments, reviews.

God’s blessings, thanks for coming out to coffee today :-). -Justin

That should be fun reading.

Site should reopen like I said sometime soon. Here’s hoping right :-)?

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