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Welcomed Back

I’ve never been welcomed back to the web so quickly and so wonderfully. In a matter of 24 hours since re-launch, I have gotten 2 IM’s from people I didn’t tell that the site re-launched. Both had commented on my post, and it felt great. Now to move forward a little tonight.

Spent most of today at school doing homework and attending lecture. Nothing to fascinating. I plan on posting all my homework here at some point, with the intention of not doing so until after I get it graded. This way you can see my grades and yell at me when I do a crappy job. Actually, this is my way of helping me to stay motivated all year long. If I don’t want you to see my bad grades, I won’t get bad grades… Make sense?

So on the upside of schoolwork, I’ve actually been doing my homework before it’s due. The homework in turn seems to be of higher quality. It’s as if I’m not rushed and not frustrated. I can take the time to figure it out the way I want, and do all the extra stuff that I come up with. It’s not like thinking it’s due in 5 minutes and trying to get it all done by then. Overall, I’m happy with it.

I spent most of my night at MSA discussing a plan for the future. Always fun to see what people think we are going towards versus what’s on paper versus what’s in my head. I really should just jot down every single idea I ever get… some of them might be worth money some day.

Before that, I had dinner with Amber. I think I like it when she wears her turtles shirt. I don’t know if that’s because I like the color green, or if it’s because I like the turtles… Maybe it’s neither and it’s just the fact that she looks hot in everything. I don’t think I say stuff like that often enough, especially in public, so if you think it’s sappy, you can again eat-it and figure out if your just jealous that your not saying those nice things about YOUR girl.

I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to talk about other people’s love lives here. As a matter of fact, it goes against my policy to say anything to anyone else that was said to me in an AIM conversation (within reason). That said, I’m going to bend my rule and just say one brief thing. Blessings to you who have found love, remorse for those who haven’t, but for those who haven’t we pray for you daily, and still love you as friends, always remember that…

Oh look, that’s poetry. For those of you who were wondering, that last sentence was targeted at at least 3 people, so don’t even try to guess what 3. It’s a pretty general statement, so it’s probably also targeted at you in some indirect way. About the only person that it doesn’t work for are people who aren’t looking for love, but even they get included in some weird way or another.

I had some other things I was going to post tonight as well, but right now, I want to finish some stuff off on the graphing module and maybe do some work on my next module. Touch-ups in the code… That’s all it is. I think I’m going to have John write me a list of things he would change in my system to make it simpler. I want it to be so user friendly, it’s not even funny…. Right now, that’s still a ways off… Development people… Development. Well. That’s this post. Night all.

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