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Work Work Work… erg…

I think I’m going to start this off with a little bit of some sayings.

The mind grows on what it feeds on.

It’s interesting on how that’s true. So very very true. Take for example. My brain has become a piece of logic. If it doesn’t make logical sense, it’s wrong. There is no gray. There is no inbetween. It’s just right or wrong. Yes or No. Black or White. 1 or 0’s. I don’t know if this is a good thing, but it’s what I feed my brain.

Any compassion I have comes from the church and what I feed it there. Feeding it lessons on morality, peace, love. I suppose that’s where Romans 8:6 comes in: “The mind controlled by the spirit is one of life and peace.”

The topic of this post hit me just a matter of minutes ago. I was listening to KJ-45 and was realizing how right he was. We flood our minds with Enimem claiming that we don’t always agree with the message, but we like the beat. Listen to KJ sometime, then you get both the beat and the message… doesn’t that make more sense? Wouldn’t it be more productive to fill our minds with lyrics about loving one another than it does to fill them with lyrics telling us to ‘make love to one another and then leave them the next day’. I mean common….

Not I’m not saying we all need to switch… I know all the songs in my car right now aren’t clean. But why aren’t they? Why do I let the other stuff in? The battle of the human spirit. As Nikki has been so keen in pointing out the last 6 months, you just gotta have faith in God.

So what do I put my faith in? Probably to much in myself and my abilities. In reality though, those abilities come from God. I still don’t even have a clue how it’s possible that I pull some of the things off that I do. Take for example this morning… I can’t imagine it working anymore perfect…

I woke up this morning to find that a print job that I had sent to the printer had failed because the ink had run out. I was on my way out the door when this happened so as you can imagine, when I couldn’t find any ink, not only was I running late, but I didn’t have anything to hand in… So I darted downstairs.

Thank God #1: Amber had made me drive her last night. This had caused me to run out of gas a day early. Had I not driven my sweetheart, I would have had to stop and get gas. This time would have made me late, and cost me precious points…

I made it through every light on my way to the bank where I picked up money both for my parking and print job. I then got on the highway and drove off at a fairly decent rate.

Thank God #2: The weather didn’t cause traffic problems, there were no accidents, traffic moved, I moved, and there was no line at the bank.

I got to school, easily found a parking space, ran to the Mechanical Engineering building where I charged my card. I ran into my cousins, but I was already pressed for time so all I could say was hi. I managed to drop my TI-89 down a flight of concrete stairs. Thank God #3: The calculator didn’t break. It literally hit every step and there were about 20 of them.

Got up to the lab, again easily found a computer. Thank God #4: both the printer, memory stick, and computer didn’t give me any trouble and I had my document printed in under 2 minutes.

I then darted to class and literally made it in with about 30 seconds to go. Talk about rushed. That was my work-out for the day. The rest of the day went fairly well, so I won’t tell any dramatic stories from there.

So yeah, I’m not sure where this post was going, but I seem to have lost track of it.

My task list keeps getting longer. And to add to it, I just applied for a job at the U of M. Programming of course. It’s the first time I had to type up my resume to get a job. Kind of amazing all these other jobs that I’ve done have all come via word of mouth. Guess that says something about me. If you want to see my resume and tell me what you think, you can find it here: Justin’s Resume.

I’d like to hear what you think about it and what you would change.

I just learned about Friday Night Frenzy at church. I’m not sure if I will go, and if I do go, what I will bring. Erg is what I say to that. I don’t know. If I go I will fall behind again. There were so many thing I wanted to do with this night. Amber working on these nights works rather well. Well I guess if she goes to a dance without me tomorrow, then I could get it all done then. I could also get it done tomorrow. Erg. Erg. Erg. Time management people.

My budget also seems a little off.. Not sure how it happened either. It was kind of weird. It just ended up being off by like 80 bucks. I’ll figure it out though. I haven’t looked at where all the charges came from.

One last thing: I just passed Dan in Seti Units. Yay for me right? IF you don’t know what that’s about. I’ll tell you all at a later date.

Ok, well I figure I gave you all enough reading for now. Laterz

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