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Todays Quote: “He who laughs, lasts.”

For those of you who weren’t with me at church this morning: I was having a great time. I managed to yell half of the highschool kid’s names before the service started. I then wooted loudly during the sermon for a city west of the city I always go to when I’m in Nebraska. I had a great time worshipping today. Nikki’s friend Jess seemed nice as well. Maybe we’ll be we have the start of a new member in the crew.

All the people around me seem to be getting sick. Although I generally consider myself invincible to disease, when the person I kiss goodnight has Bronchitis along with 2 other member’s of her family, and your mom was sick with something similiar the entire week before… You begin to wonder. I claim though that the reason I don’t get sick is because I’m in such good spirits most of the time. Maybe that’s where the quote is coming from. After all, it does say in scripture: “A cheerful heart does good like medicine” – Proverbs 17:22.

In other news: I went to Best Buy yesterday. Now for those of you who know how much I dislike the way this store does business, this won’t seem new to you. I walked into Best Buy, and although I walked out with what I wanted, I still managed to walk out angry at the sheer pushiness of the Best Buy staff to make a sale. That’s ok though, I made my purchase entirely on my own, no one got a bonus for it, because no one helped me with it or told me I should buy something else. In reality, they couldn’t have told me to buy something else. This is what I wanted and this is what I got. So that brings us to what I got.

Yesterday afternoon I was pretty frustrated with my monitor. See, my blazingly fast, ultra huge, very cool computer, was using an 11 inch, 1989 monitor. As you can imagine… not quite what a programmer wants to work on.. but I made due. Well, I went upstairs and thought, let’s just go to Best Buy and get one, despite the fact you’d rather order one from your favorite online store. So that’s what I did. My family and I went and got a 19″ Viewsonic. So far, I’m happy. Viewing angle good. Brightness/Contrast exceptional. No dead pixels which is always good. And two inputs for when I get my other computer running. My only complaint is that the speakers in it suck.. But at least it makes up for that by having a microphone built in (I never had one before now). But now it would seem that there is something worng with my sound card.. erg.. More on that later.

Am I forgetting anything I wanted to post today? I don’t think so… So, everyone have a great great rest of the day, and be prepared for yet another amazing week!