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Catch Up

So the hit’s keep coming so I should reward them with more posts. Especially now that everything is working on my end. Woot!

I need to make modifications to my code though that allows me to validate before I post. That way the code I write during these posts doesn’t accidently not validate. It should also make it faster to go through the 725 entries I need to validate before posting the archive. That will be fun won’t it…

The Nedstat counter doesn’t work right after you make it validate properly, so I had to remove it again. As soon as my hit’s return to normal, I’ll post the image that i have of my traffic for this week. It is pretty cool.

Amber and I had a great Valentines day last night. Despite I was still sick, we went to Red Lobster, came home, watched Deep Blue Sea and Star Wars Episode 1 followed by Conan O’Brien in Canada! It was a great time! I love her so much :-).

I have lots of work to do today because of being sick. Hopefully I can get it all done… But I seem to be lacking the motivation right now. I kind of just want to go and play Chrystal Chroncals with Amy, but she isn’t home.

Mom got back from Rhode Island last night as well. She sounded sicker than ever. She must have caught what I had. It in turn was reported that my Grandma made have caught it as well… That could be bad, hopefully she goes and see’s a doctor. It’s not a fun disease.

Alex had another request for Alex’s TreeMapper today. I love it when that happens. I love how a tiny little program get’s wanted by random people across the US. If and when I launch my online store, I’ll modify it again and make a better pay version. I don’t know why, and of course, I’ll leave the freeware version because that’s the kind of guy I am, but yeah, figure I might as well make it so maybe I make a little bit of money off that strangely weird but utterly satisfying program.

Speaking of code… I still can’t believe that Microsoft’s source code for Windows got leaked. That could have such horrible consquences… I don’t think a whole bunch of people will try to compile there own versions and distrib them like we do with Linux, and I’m not really worried about a bunch of coders integrating parts of Windows into Linux. What does concern me is what hackers could do with the code. Trying to hack a running program is hard. Trying to hack a program you have the source code is just a matter of reading.

Well. I’m, going to go get this day started. Later all.