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My First Job Interview

In less than 12 hours, I will have my first job interview. Scary huh? It only adds to what is an already busy day. Starting with 4 classes, one of which I still need to get my homework done for. My abilities to get my homework done ahead of time were limited this weekend… very sad.

I did manage to get some other stuff done though reguarding this site and a module I need for church. It’s the shopping module. Very cool little guy. The install file is working pretty well, all I need to do now is write 7 functions and wha-la. We have a shopping module. Sometime while I was writing it, I decided when I do it for this site, it will need an Amazon module as well, but that’s another story.

Went to see Catz last night with Amber and my family. Besides it lacking an overall storyline, it was pretty good. I think I’ve seen better at chanhassen though. I know I’ve seen better. But we all had a good time and good food, so that’s what counts.

Did I mention I love Amber :-).

I don’t like the new upgraded version of aim. I didn’t like the popups. I didn’t like how the video feature was making my computer crash. I don’t like how you can link SNs. I don’t like how it can’t find my camera. And lastly, I really don’t like that they ads only seem to keep getting bigger.

Ok all, I’m out to head for school. Later

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