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Interview Complete

My long day has come to an end, and now to try to figure out how I’m going to get the rest of this day completed.

First class today was 2031. I didn’t pay attention at all because I had to finish some 4011 homework that I hadn’t finished. The 4011 homework wasn’t all that hard, but I bet due to the lack of time I had, and a tad bit of lack of understanding I had when I worked on it Saturday night, that it won’t be 100%. Meaning, there went my perfect score in that class (bummer right?).

4011 discussion was boring so I’m not going to mention anything from there.

Music wasn’t so bad. Today’s topic was music arrangement. Talked about binary and trinary music. Sounds like computers to me, so I paid attention. I got my first test back, the one I took while I was sick last week. Ended up getting a 94 on it, so that’s good. It means I can still get my A in the class.

3081 was scarily boring. Either that, or I was really really tired. For the first time, my professor managed to put me to sleep, so much so, that even when I was trying to stay awake, I couldn’t do it. Ok, so maybe I was tired… but in my defense, UML is just a bunch of boxes with lines coming out of them. It looks like something some engineer would use in Visio. Who knows.

After 3081 was the moment we all were waiting for: my first job interview. Overall it went pretty well. We chatted about my past server experiences, what I’m familiar with, how I handle certain situations. Surprisinly real interview for what I thought was a rather simple job. As it turns out, this is a REAL job. I mean, really real. The kind where people could get sued if I didn’t do my job right. They said it was about 20 hours a week of heavy server side coding. If I get the job, I’m debating if I should even take it. If you think about it, those 20 hours, plus school, plus MSA, plus all my custom work… I don’t know if I could handle all of that. Then again, 20 hours, at 10 bucks, is 800 a month, that’s a good chunk of change for me… Enough to make it feasible to pay for server co-location. Heck, this job may give me the oppurtuntity to house my own server. Then again, I doubt it.

The security they have though is pretty good, and I’d hate to be the one that ruins it. This team of 4 has the highester security rating at the U of M, and they are proud of it. There webservers have never been dropped… They are updated daily, patches and all… That would be my job. Crazy if you ask me.. crazy… But fun.

Well, I have plenty of things to do tonight… Things include watch 7th Heaven/Everwood, program for 3081, program fro 2031, type up some homework for 3081, and perhaps play a little Chrystral Chronicals, oh and perhaps code for church and this site and stuff… ERG… and I want more work!?!?

Well all vote early, vote often! later!