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Attempting to get more done

Well, I’m at least making forward progress tonight. Mission objective 1 was completed to full success. I did manage to finish all the homework for 3081 that is due Wednesday. That would be 48 hours in advance. Good for Justin. However, I didn’t finish the other homework. That is to be expected though.

I want something salty, and yet, I know not where it can be found. At first I wanted brownies, but I don’t have time to do any cooking tonight. I was going to make popcorn, but that too seems like way to much for me to be eating at this late an hour… So what should I eat? Is there anything I could eat? nah… we’ll just pass tonight. It’s better for the diet.

7th Heaven/Everwood both pretty good tonight. Nothing overly big in either, but we did confirm that yes in deed ephram had sex at the end of the last episode. Good to know for future relationship possibilities with Amy Abbot of course. Matt was back on 7th Heaven, but for no really good reason….. Cecilia snuck out, but for no really good reason… Overall, it was a but for no really good reason episode. Eh.

I ended up watching Primetime as well. They were talking to Mel Gibson about his new movie, The Passion. I think Mel has it right. I think Mel has put together imagery as graphic as it would have been had we been there. I don’t think he is pinning it on the Jews anymore than a film about the holocaust cause’s problems for us with the Germans. I think he has it right. I think he’s a great guy.

I THINK that if you don’t understand what Jesus has done in your life, for you, or if you’ve lost your way, or if you never just understood at all how much God loves each and everyone one of us… If you don’t get any of that… then you need to see this movie. You need to see what one God did for you. And if you think it’s over dramatised in the movie… then you need to read the bible story word for word and actually think about what those words are saying…

I realized that tonight. I realized tonight that I’ve probably read the story a dozen times, but reading “they put a nail through his hand” doesn’t even come close to describing the shear horror I feel as I see a picture of a nail about to enter someone’s hand. It’s like Moby Dick, if they would have added a few pictures, the book could have been SO much shorter :-).

So I’m debating tomorrow and how it will go down. I know I have to go to MSA in the afternoon, and I know tomorrow night I will again be working on homework. The question is what will I do with my morning. What will I do with my computer time. What will I do with time in general. We all should be asking ourselves that….

Do we ever look backwards enough? Do we look back on the times of the past enough? Maybe that’s something for us to do later in our lives. But tonight, let me look back on something. I’m going to look back on 2nd Grade.

2nd Grade was a defining year for me. Thanks to my teacher, I recieved a love for science and math. She taught me that I was capable of anything, even at that early age. She gave me the popsical sticks when I believed I could build a motor powered aircraft (and it worked, as long as it had a string holding it to the ceiling). She gave me the boxes when I believe that a Robot only needed to be painted gray and have a remote control to move it around… Heck, she had faith in me when she decided to loan a few guppies to me and they became my family pets. Man, to this day I still love fish… Why we don’t keep the tank up and broadcast them over the internet, I’ll never know. To tell you the truth, she was the one that got me first interested in computer programming. She introduced me to logo, her and a parent that is. By the end of second grade, I had a concept of statements and loops that some people still don’t have by the time they reach 20. Heck, I think someday, I might program a logo class online. That would be something. Have your own little Java based turtle which you could control on the screen. That would be something. That would be a way of giving back.

Recently, I have come in contact with her again. We have been sending emails back and forth about our lives and how things are going. She still teaches her in Woodbury, but at one of the newer schools. I plan to go up and visit one of these days, stop in, say hi, thank her and maybe do a little more catching up. It’s great to know that even to this day, she’s still helping to encourage hundreds of young minds.

There’s my boost for the night to the community.

To all of those who are looking forward, never forget how you got there. For those of you who are always looking back, never forget tomorrow will still come, and for those living in the here and now… try to do something that won’t mess up your future, but will be memorable in your past. Live that way, and you’ll probably go far. I make no guarantees :-).

Felt I should close out with something not as important. I just don’t know what that something not as important would be. I figure it’s this paragraph. More coming soon to all my readership who misses being able to read back posts. Later!

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