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You Rock My World

Those very words are on the wall in front of me. Alone with EEEEVil Monkeys, Follow the green brick road, s-pos, Who wants to be ordinary in this crazy mixed up world, ask me about this one: pop-tarts are the poor man’s caviere. Ok, so people do put the strangest things on my walls. Someday I want to make a VRML of my room with proper textures and all. That would be cool. Maybe we’d even host like show downs or something.

More work has of course piled on me today. And again, I’m here wondering how to get it all done. Of course, I happily already know the answer to that. I won’t get it all done… Just some of it.

Sounds like Amy is getting one of her late christmas presents today or later this week. That will be cool. I know she will like it.

Well, it’s way to early in the moring to have much to post about, so I’ll finish out with a dream I had last night.

For some reason, I was trying to wire our street. It was really weird because I had audio cable running all the way from here to Valley Creek. At the Valley Creek end, I was going to set up a remote terminal of some sort so I could have computer access along the whole road. Of course, my dream took place at a time before all the new developements had gone in, so I can remember being up by Cory’s house and by his neighbors as I was doing this. By the end of the dream, I had decided the easiest way to do everything I needed to do was to run the wires through the ceiling. How my house ceiling suddenly ran over a mile, I’ll never know, but it ended up being the solution. Doesn’t that just sound like the most interesting of dreams? No? Ok… Sorry for boring you with yet another post.

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