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Hamster Dance

Mission one is accomplished to a level such that I should be able to maintain my 100% in the class. However, it’s not up to the hamster standard that I like. But let’s not start with that part of the post, let’s run down the day.

Morning started off busier than ever. I made a choice not to ride the bus because I didn’t know how late I was going to want to stay tonight to work on homework. As it turned out, this was one of the best choices I could have made. The first thing I did was run to the bank, where I was hoping to get in and get out and get to class. It wasn’t quite that simple, but luckily it was fast enough for me to get my bond’s there so they could be cashed later in the day. That said, I managed to get from there, to the bank, and to class, all in under 29 minutes. Very good for me.

Class was pointless, so I will again not bore you with the details, other than to say that when one of my professor’s says something pointless, he always needs to qualify it with more pointless information, which makes it kind of entertaining. For example, he was quoted to say “You could use 17 tapes for example. However, 17 is just some arbitrary number I picked. It really has nothing to do with 17 at all.” Very weird guy, but cool non the less.

After class I had lunch with Rich. Always a good conversation that is. We had two weeks to catch up on and discuss life in general. He will be moving into the Melrose next year. That is definently something I would like to consider doing… But I don’t think it would be with him. As much as I love my brother, we both run in different groups, and that would put me in an weird position. I suppose then again, I could change.. That’s what friends are for right :-)?

Let’s see, in other news, John deserve’s fireworks. I would post more about it, but the honorful thing would be to forward you to his wonderful writing of the blessid day here. So go read it.

After all of that excitement, I spent the next 4 hours in a computer lab with Rob, Yulia, and Yulia’s partner who’s name is escaping me at the moment. There Rob and I coded our recusive decent parser to extreme success. It works, it works like an ass kicking llama! Tomorrows plan if time will be to implement negative numbers, floating point numbers, infix notation, and base hamster, not to mention any other wacky and crazy idea’s we might have between now and then… We should probably get them cleared by the TA though.

After that exciting coding sequence, I took Rob home and came home to my sweety (Amber :-)) where we watched all of our favorite Thursday night shows. ER was one of those that scared me, and I was a little worried they were going to fire my Bill tonight on The Apprentice, but they didn’t. Thank God. Bill will rule them all… Kind of like the ring.

Ok, so that was my way. Tomorrow is looking to be as crappy if I don’t manage to get this other homework done. Must take bus tomorrow, must remember that. Ok all, later and fair winds. God Bless America.

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